Catherine’s art springs from a strong inner sense of color and proportion, allied to a deep-seated humanism. She has channeled her years as an interior designer, refining her 3D design perspective into the 2D discipline of paint on canvas.

Her humanism is both an innate empathy and a response to life’s challenges, among them the loss of a daughter, a recurrent theme that underlies much of her work. You’ll notice a diversity of style and subject matter, as she experiments with acrylic, ink, oil and watercolor, ever alert to the creative possibilities of different media. And while most of her work leans towards the abstract, she has several series that are more representational.

Catherine enjoys the tactile nature of the work, from preparing the canvases to using found objects to highlight and provide depth. In some instances, such as her use of ordinary buttons or coffee pods, these found objects become the primary aesthetic feature.

Enjoy this sample of Catherine’s work. You’ll discover the diversity, brilliant color and bold, flowing shapes that are the elements of her imaginative art.

"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most."

John Ruskin